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New Waterfall has appeared

7.11.19  – ….. so much rain! Later the Meadowhall shopping centre at Sheffield was closed with dozens of shoppers having to...


Mind the Gap

When we were at the Beeley Open Gardens event this year we saw wrought iron fence panels that we realised...


Autumn Wreath

Minimalist Autumn/Halloween decoration, as we don’t get to many ‘Trick or Treat’ers around these parts

Redecorated Bathroom 0

Bathroom Redecorated

Part of the rolling update of the decorations, we opted for a lighter blue as the window is small –...


Refurbished Park Bench

Cleaned and painted and new slats made. The bench was given by a relative – it came originally from Hillingdon Park...


Bluetooth Soundbar Provided

Although the iPod dock remains, it is amazing how quickly technology moves on. Recognising that most people have devices with...

Fireplace at Christmas 0

Dressed for Christmas

Decorations are up for our Christmas and New Year guests. We hope you have a lovely time.